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  • Beijing: Wangfujing (Donghuamen) Night Market

    So here's the second part of the day three post! Wangfujing Night Market! Don't watch the videos if you're at all squeamish!! :P Wangfujing is the main shopping district in Beijing, with all sorts of restaurants and shops at your disposal, it's a mecca for the tourist who likes to spend. However, Wangfujing is not most famous for it's shopping, but it's Donghuamen Night Market. The Donghuamen Night Market is the traditional snack streets full of vendor stalls selling all sorts of the usual stuff such as yang rou chaunr (lamb kebabs). But the main attraction of the Donghuamen Night Market is its CRAZY foods. If you've ever seen an extreme foods programme on TV, cha...
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    Posted on: June 28th, 2010