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Posted on: January 13th, 2011

Hi to all those of you coming from the ‘Summer in China at Swansea University’ group on Facebook. So here’s what I thought about the China trip. Not only is it a fantastic opportunity to learn a new language (and one that is growing in demand!), but you get to experience a whole different culture, try lots of amazing food (and if you’re crazy like me, more exotic food like scorpions!), see breathtaking sights and best of all you’ll make friends from all over the world (I’m still keeping in touch with friends from Sweden, Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan!)

Instead of just telling you about it, here’s a little video which should give you all an idea of how awesome our trip in China was. If you’re wondering whether or not to sign up, hopefully this will convince you to make the right decision! 😉

You could be here in 6 months time! :O

It really is an unforgettable experience, don’t miss out on it! If you want to find out more about our trip just read through the other posts on this blog or send me an email 🙂


I'm a 21-year-old university student currently living in Oxford, UK. I love travelling and hope someday to move abroad permanently. The best part about travelling for me is having new experiences, soaking up all the culture and making new friends from around the world. As well as travel, I love music (live or otherwise), gaming and cinema.
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