Weihai: Weekend, Restaurant and Karaoke

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» Weihai: Weekend, Restaurant and Karaoke
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Posted on: July 13th, 2010

I don’t know why I’m writing this now as it’s 6am and I really should get to sleep since we have an early start tomorrow, but I want to get this all out now so here it is anyway!

So first off, the weekend has been pretty good, but not enough has really happened to warrant posting until now. On Saturday we had another good night at SOHO bar, Sunday was a chilled day for us (apart from Rex who spent all day in hospital with a weird rash/fever thing which has been plauging him for a while now!) and in the evening we gave a talk to some Chinese students about student life in the UK. Yesterday evening Louise, Nia, Sam, Deniz, Joon (one of our new Korean friends) and I headed to a restaurant on the seafront that did an a la carte menu with all sorts of different skewers. It was delicious! We ordered plate after plate of the stuff, with lots of pork skewers and chicken wing skewers! I also tried a squid head skewer which was very nice! Ooh and eggplant and fried potato skewers. YUM! (Sorry I get carried away when it comes to talking about food!)

So that’s everything that happened over the weekend. Today has been a pretty busy day too. We kicked things off in the morning with a lecture on Confucianism, another informative and interesting couple of hours with Issac.

Then in the afternoon a number of us went to a new restaurant which the Japanese and Korean students wanted to introduce us to. It was really nice and we had lots of great food and pretty cheap too! After the meal some of the group went back; but I joined Dada, Taeko, Keita, Thomas and Ryoko for a leisurely stroll around the supermarket looking for CDs, books, DVDs and tea! 🙂 We also popped into a dodgy looking DVD store with hundreds of films (which were clearly fake) and Keita bought Toy Story 3. Whether it really was Toy Story 3 is yet to be determined! 😛

In the early evening we made dumplings. I wasn’t very good at it; but Thomas (one of our new Swedish friends) was making perfect dumplings left, right and center! A load of Korean girls who are on the program joined us on the table and they were pretty good at the dumpling-making too. Maybe it’s just me! 😛 After everyone finished making them and they were cooked, we proceeded to stuff our faces with dumplings (well I did anyway)! They tasted amazing and the hotel brought lots of other food out to accompany our creations. Very nice!

The teacher shows how to make the perfect dumpling!

Finally, this evening we had a fantastic night out bowling and singing! We first headed to the 5-Star Golden Bay Hotel (not Motel, which is where we’re staying) and had a round in the bowling alley. I’m normally terrible at bowling, but luck was with me tonight and I had the best game ever, getting about 5 strikes (trust me that’s good for me!) including a double (and so close to a triple, I was 1 pin off) strike at the end of the game! Needless to say, I beat everyone in our group (including Satnam who was so cocky at the start of the match! Ha! :P)

After the bowling we decided it was time for some karaoke! We all headed to Tomato Bar and booked a large room (for 15 people) for the entire night. It was really cool having such a multicultural group as it meant we had not just English songs being sung along too, but Chinese, Korean and Japanese music too. I even had a go at singing my favourite Japanese song with Taeko and Ryoko! As the night moved on, more and more headed home for bed, until by about 4am it was just Gemma, Taeko, Ryoko, Dada, Joon and me left.

Oh...the shame!!!
(Thanks to Taeko Ogushi for the video ・ ビデă‚Șは性äžČ橙歐ぼおかげで)

We finished the night at 4:30 by singing Totoro which had a special meaning between Taeko, Ryoko, Gemma and me which was a really nice way to end our last night together (as the Japanese, Korean, Swedish and Chinese students on the program are going home tomorrow!) After we left, we cycled back and had the whole main (usually really busy) road all to ourselves to roam freely on 🙂

I'm cycling out in front, the one filming and cycling really slowly is Taeko! 😛
(Thanks to Taeko Ogushi for the video ・ ビデă‚Șは性äžČ橙歐ぼおかげで)

So that’s why I’m posting this so late! Well we have our last Chinese class in 2 more hours so I’m going to try and get at least a little bit of sleep! Until then, ć†èŠ‹!

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