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Dragon Tourist is a personal website documenting all my travels around the world.

At this current time, it is home to my first travel blog; Oriental Orientation. This blog follows me on my first journey to China, Korea and the Philippines, as I explore my own heritage; delving deep into Asian culture, custom, language & cuisine. Regular posts, hundreds of photos and a multitude of videos form the basis of this blog.

The site also has the following accompanying accounts:

A flickr photostream with copies of all the blog post images used on DragonTourist.
A twitter account with all the latest updates.
A FeedBurner RSS feed (which can be subscribed to by email using the ‘Subscribe’ box on the left sidebar of every page).
A Vimeo account where all the site’s videos are stored in HD.

As well as being linked on this page, all of these accounts are accessible throughout the site in one form or another.

As time goes on, hopefully Dragon Tourist will grow into a site with various blogs and pages on different trips and adventures abroad.

For now, I hope you enjoy the site!

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